Bible Reading Plan


Bible Reading Plan

God has revealed Himself personally and magnificently through His word.  He desires us to know Him and enjoy deep fellowship with Him in His word daily.  Yet many of us struggle to be faithful to regular times of Bible study and prayer.  If you find yourself in this struggle, KCP invites you to join us in a completely optional church-wide Bible reading plan.  

This is a great opportunity for creating accountability partnerships, for leading family devotions, for mentoring relationships as well as for spiritual conversations in friendship or marriage.  Just by discussing the ways God reveals Himself in the shared passage, we will not only deepen our relationship with God but with each other as well.

 This summer, there will be two bible reading plans. The first will carry you through Psalms, Exodus, Galatians, and Philippians. The other, will follow along with the Old Testament Prophets Summer Development Class, taught by Dan Williams. Whichever plan you choose to pursue, we pray that the Lord will reveal himself to you abundantly through his Word! 

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