2017 Annual Report


2017 Annual Report

Dear Church,

As we examine scripture and consider our spiritual journey, one of the most critical components for worship is remembering. Nothing stokes the embers of our joy quite like remembering the works of our God – how he has sustained us, how he is working in us, and how he is working through us.

As we reflect on the mighty works of our God, we are given courage; we see how God has worked, and our faith is increased. As he increases our faith, we can embrace vision and the delight in pondering what God could do in our midst. 

It gives us great delight to help you remember what God has done in and through King’s Chapel this past year. We pray that as you review these ministry highlights, look at the photos, and read testimonial quotes, you will be filled with hope and joy. We are also praying that you will feel the invitation to come and participate in the work God is doing through KCP amongst our church, in Carrollton, and throughout the world. God has proven himself gracious to our church, and it has pleased him to use us in the work of his kingdom…how might he use YOU?

Soli Deo Gloria!

The Staff and Session of KCP

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