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Reach Our Church


Contact: Kelsey Stephens
Our philosophy in the childcare ministry is for each child to be shown love and security, as well has having them consistently prayed over. We believe this forms the basic foundation for children to learn about God's character and the Gospel. We consider it a privilege to be entrusted with these children. As we try our best to keep our children safe and provide parents with peace of mind as they worship, we implement key safety policies. Our goal is to enable each person in our growing families to be ministered to on Sunday mornings.


Contact: Erin Goode /
The mission of Children’s Ministry at KCP is to join and support the parents of KCP as they obey the Lord’s command to disciple their children to discover and experience the Lord Himself. To accomplish that goal, we provide a number of programs designed to provide common gospel language and ideas that can become a foundation for family gospel conversations during the weeks to come, such as Family Sunday School & Vacation Bible School. We also value the whole family worshipping together in corporate worship, and our Children’s Church serves as a bridge for our children to join their families in full participation of KCP worship services!



Contact: Jef Fluevog /
The Welcome Team seeks to "greet, meet, treat, and seat" members and visitors of King's Chapel. We value an atmosphere of excitement and providing a welcoming face to all those who come to worship with us on Sunday mornings. You can serve by greeting at the doors and outside; answering questions for new visitors; helping people connect; and providing direction and guidance to the nurseries, restrooms, and seating. 


Contact: Taylor Porubiansky //
The Events Ministry helps to coordinate food, drinks, and decorations for events and meetings throughout the year at the church. People volunteering for this ministry help with set up, buying and making food and beverages, arranging flowers, and making decorations. This is a fun & interesting ministry that has the privilege of serving King’s Chapel in a multitude of opportunities!


Contact: Heather Reckner /
Sometimes when people in our church are hurting, suffering, recovering, or welcoming a new baby, it is a great privilege for KCP to care for them. Take-Them-A-Meal simplifies a very practical way to care for these people, by facilitating a meal schedule. Here at KCP, we have a “go-to” group of people for this schedule, but the schedule is often opened up to the entire church.