Reach Focus


Reach Focus

From Sunday, January 15th until Sunday, February 19th, King’s Chapel is pleased to present our Reach Ministries to you. The purpose of these highlights is to encourage three things:

  • First, we hope to see people in our church engage in serving in ministry both in our church and outside our doors
  • Secondly, we desire to see our church enable the ministries outside our church for good works & redeeming our community
  • And finally, we want to strive to be a church that will enrich the global mission of God’s kingdom through prayer & generosity

 As we highlight particular ministry endeavors, with a specific focus on serving, we hope that you will take the time to consider how you can & will commit to serving. The honor of participating in the work of God’s kingdom is a great privilege, and it is our great joy to partner in these endeavors alongside of you!

If you are interested and ready to sign up to volunteer & serve in one of these ministry areas, we have provided some forms (through Church Community Builder) to help you do that. Click any of the three forms below:

Check out these video testimonies that highlight serving at and with King's Chapel!

Jennifer HarrisSunday School teacher with the KCP Children's Ministry

David HildebrandWelcome Team coordinator, Open Hands volunteer, & 12forLife mentor

Brianna Bryantvolunteer at the Pregnancy Resource Center

Reach Our WorldIntroductory video to KCP missionaries

REACH: King's ChapelThese are some of the faces of those who serve at and with KCP