Next Steps...


Next Steps...

If you are interested in getting more involved at King's Chapel, here are some "Next Steps" to take. For further information, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Join a Community Group

The best "Next Step" in getting involved at King's Chapel is to join a Community Group. You can find more information on our Community Groups page.  (NOTE: Community Groups meet from September–April, and they take a break during the summer months)

Attend a Visitor Dinner

Visitor Dinners are held at various times throughout the year. These are informational dinners where you can find out more about our church, ask questions, and meet not only other visitors but also the staff & leadership of King's Chapel. We will "broadcast" upcoming Visitor Dinners as they come up...

Attend a Discovery Class

If you are interested in an in-depth look at our church, or if you are considering membership at King's Chapel, then this is the class for you. Our Discovery Class covers such topics as the Gospel; experiencing community at King's Chapel; the vision, mission, and values of King's Chapel; and our Biblical beliefs as a church.